Allowed Client Mods

Everyone who plays on this server is expected to use the straight vanilla client with a minimal amount of mods installed.  This is a list of server approved mods.  If there is another mod you would like to see on this list please PM me on the forum so I can check it out.

I am not making this list to be cruel or mean or overbearing, though it probably feels that way.  But client mods can give a player an unfair advantage over others.  Whether it be x-ray, radar, fast clicking, or even automated building.  This server is not for players that can’t help but use these types of mods.  If you are a player that can’t resist using these I do not want you here.

Mods allowed on this server:

Texture packs that do not give you X-ray – if anything other than glass or some other naturally transparent block is see through then that texture pack is not allowed

Animation mods – anything that doesn’t allow you to see through blocks or give away a players position

Magiclauncher – not really a mod but I want to list it anyways



Rei’s minimap – I do not believe there is a 1.8 version even available at the moment

If a mod you are using is not on this list I expect you to not use it on this server until you run it by me first.  Do not even run with it loaded but “just not use it”.  Fire up the default client and log in with it instead.  I will get back with you asap and add it to this list if it is approved.  This is my server that I have poured literally thousands of hours of my life into.  I want everyone here to have fun and I want you to be able to enjoy the experience on your end as much as possible.  But I also want a level-playing field for all players.

If you can not abide by this request then I ask that you let me know so I can remove you from the white-list.