Basic commands

/creative – warp to creative server

/survival – warp to survival server

/games – warp to games server

/spawn – warp to creative spawnpoint or survival spawnpoint

/warp – warp to a preset location

/home – set a home to your current location

/waypoint [<playername>] – set a compass waypoint to your current location, another player’s current location, or a public waypoint (like utopia)

/tp <playername> – request to teleport to a players location – both players have to be on creative

/timeon – see how close you are to your 5 hours of no starvation

/mctop <skillname> – view overall mcmmo powerlevels or levels for a specific skill

/msg <playername> – send a private message to another player

/shun <playername> – prevents you from seeing any chat by a player

/mobcount – count number of mobs nearby

/farmcount – count number of animals nearby

/day – start a vote for changing it from night to day

/money – see balance or pay a player money

/loc [<playername>] – show your location or request the location of another player – tricking another player into giving you their coordinates will result in banning – do not abuse this command