Chest Shop Tutorial

To make a shop you first have to be in a plot that is designated as a commercial plot.  If you do not have a commercial plot see the admin.

The basics
First thing to do is to place a chest (or a double chest).  Place a sign somewhere on the side of the chest.  It can’t be in front of, or next to, or on top of the chest.  It has to be on the side.  Hold the shift (sneak) button then right click with a sign to place it on the chest.

Next you have 1 line to fill out:

Line 1: b or s qty:dollars
Line 2: leave blank
Line 3: leave blank
Line 4: leave blank

Line 1: b means players can buy from you
s means players can sell to you
qty is the amount of items to be bought or sold at a time
dollars is the amount of money for the qty of items

Lines 2-4: filled in automatically when you sneak and right-click the sign after putting the item in the chest.

Right clicking a shop sign shows what item is for sale. Useful in case the whole thing doesn’t fit on the sign. This will also show the percent of damage an item might have.

Sneaking while right clicking will either buy the item or sell the item on the sign.


/shop money
/shop money deposit

Those are the super basic commands for those of you that want to just tackle it and go.  For everyone else keep reading.

More than the basics

So if you are wanting players to buy 1 item from you for $500 your sign would look like this:

Once done, if everything is correct it will change to this:

Now we tell the shop what item(s) we want players to be able to buy.  Put the item in the top left corner of the chests inventory. You don’t have to put the same qty in the chest, but you can if you want to.

Now right-click the sign and it should change to this:

The sign is now green because we do have 1 item in the chest, which matches the qty. If the qty was 2 or higher then it would have remained red.

If your buy sign is ever red, this means it needs restocked. Once it has been restocked sneak and right-click the sign again and it should change to green.

Now don’t worry if you forget to right click the sign after restocking the chest.  Players will still be able to buy from you even if the sign is red.  But they are not likely to try, so it’s best to change it.

Once someone buys out all the items from your chest, the sign will turn red again and you will receive an alert if you are online.

So let’s have players sell something to us.  We want players to be able to sell us 32 pieces of an item for $100. Make your sign like this:

Once done, if everything is correct it will change to this:

Let’s let player sell us carrots.  Place a carrot in the top left corner of the chests inventory:

Now right-click the sign and it should change to this:

The sign is now green because we do have room in the chest for 32 carrots. If we did not then the sign would be red.

If you don’t want someone to be able to sell you 1728 carrots, but instead would like to get just 128 you can fill in all but two slots with dirt (or anything other than a carrot).  This would leave two empty slots, enough room for 128 carrots.

Once someone sells you so many carrots that there is no more room in the chest the sign will change to red and you will receive an alert if you are online.

Important note about sell signs
In order to prevent someone from bankrupting you by selling you 1000 diamonds at 1000 dollars each, money is paid to them via a separate shop account.  So making a sell sign is great but players can’t sell anything to you until there is money in that shop account.  Use this command to deposit money into it:

/shop money deposit [amount]

Leave out the brackets, just type the number.  You can not withdraw from your shop account, so type that amount carefully.  Once you run out of money no one can sell anything to you.  Use this command to see your shop balance:

/shop money

When players buy something from you money is deposited directly to your personal account, not to your shop account.

Those are the basics of how to make a chest shop.  Should be enough to get you started.  What follows are some more intricacies of how shops can work and some tips on how to do it better (perhaps, opinions may vary.)

Sell sign for an item you don’t have on hand

You want someone to sell you a looting 2 sharpness 4 fire aspect 1 diamond sword, but you don’t have one on hand to right click the sell sign with (this would work for buy signs too but you wouldn’t make a buy sign unless you already had the items on hand).  You can use this  command while targeting the sign if you know the code for that kind of sword.

/shop item change [codenumber]

Leave out the brackets.

Targeting the sign means your crosshairs are on it and it is hightlighted like this:

What if you don’t know the code?  Check this list here:

—link to web page to come—

If it’s not on there, ask someone else that does have that type of sword to get the code for you with this command (they have to be holding the sword of course)

/shop item code

Your other option is to go to the creative server, make the sword, then use the same command to get the code. (this option won’t work yet as the two server databases are not linked yet)

Changing the item on the sign
Let’s say you want to change the item in the shop.  You could destroy the sign and make a new one, that’s a perfectly fine way to do it.

You could also put a new item in the top left corner of the chests inventory and then [strong]while sneaking[/strong] right-click the sign.

You can also use this command:

/shop item change [codenumber]

See the previous section on how to use this command.

Make a double chest shop
You can add a chest to a single chest to double the space:

To stack chests side-by-side alternate between regular chests and trapped chests.

Stack chests on top of each other – double chest behind

This method will squeeze in as many chest shops as possible into a small space:

Stack chests on top of each other – double chest beside

This method allows room for a sign with a bit more info, in case the shop sign isn’t very clear: