Commune Plots

A commune is essentially a group of people that share resources.  So in here on this server it’s a group of players that can build and access blocks inside any commune plot they are a member of.  Every player has a commune they can add players to.  Players can be a member of as many communes as there are players.

Any protected plot may be set as a commune plot.  The tenant of the plot merely needs to stand in it and run this command:

/plot toggle commune

This sets a plot as a commune plot or unsets it as a commune plot.  There is no charge and no limit to the number of commune plots someone can have.  Now any other player that is a member of your commune can place, break, and access blocks inside this plot.

To add or remove a player to or from your commune use this command:

/plot commune add/remove/list playername

The cost to add a player to your commune is $50k. This might seem steep but once a member they then have shared access to all your commune plots.  No refunds on accidental removals.

No one has to use commune plots, and no one has to worry whether or not they have a commune (everyone does no matter what as it means nothing if you don’t have a commune plot) and no one has to worry if someone adds you to their commune.  There is no downside to it as it means you have access to their commune plots.