Creative Server


1. Don’t destroy anything you did not build. People have spent a lot of time making these creations. So don’t destroy or deface something someone else has built.

2. Be nice in chat. No bad language or mean talk. Cuss words=instant ban once caught. No disguising cuss words with symbols. No mean or nasty talk. No potty talk/humor. If you wouldn’t be comfortable saying it to your grandmother, don’t say it in chat.

3. Keep your survival server squabbles on the survival server. Don’t follow someone to creative and badger them there. Creative is a refuge from survival.

4. Do not discuss or whisper about other servers in chat, even your own personal server.

The creative server can be accessed from the survival server via this command:


The server is divided into three areas/zones:

Protected Build Area

As you can see from the picture, everything West of X:-64 is a protected build area.  In order to build there you have to “buy” plots:

/plot buy

Plots cost $1 each, and you start with a balance of $10.  You earn $1 for every two hours you play on creative.  This should give serious creative players plenty of protected plots to build anything as large as they like.

You can add guests to your plots so that they can also build there.  Use this command to add a guest to the plot you are standing in:

/plot guest add playername

Remove a guest from the plot you are standing in with this command:

/plot guest remove playername

Currently player plots must be 64 blocks from the nearest neighboring plot.  In this way I hope to prevent any overcrowding issues.  I am working on a way for two or more players to put plots right next to each other when they want to.  For now I can assign them manually if anyone wishes.

Free Build Area

Everything East of X:64 is a free build area.  No restrictions on how large to build or how close to build, but I do still ask that you give others plenty of breathing room.  For example; if someone has built a volcano don’t build a house right on top of it.  Build the house somewhere else.

Griefing is also still not allowed anywhere on creative.

Off-Limits Area

The area between X:-64 and X:64 is off limits to players.  Just a little 128 block division between the two areas.

Builds from the old creative server

So far I have moved nothing over from the old creative server, but never fear I will start moving items very soon.

To find the coordinates of your old builds, view this map here:

Send me the x and z coordinates of your build and I will move it over as soon as possible.  Let me know if you’d like it in the protected area or the free build area.