Games Server

The games server can be accessed via this command:



There are a few different games available, more are added as free time allows.

Kit PVP – Choose between a few different classes and get teleported into the arena to fight to the death – repeat as often as you like

Straight PVP – Battle it with swords and armor either in an open room, a maze, or in private 2-4 player rooms

Bows and arrows – Fight it out in a forested arena with bows and arrows – repeat as often as you like

Torch Run – Run through hallways with torch and redstone torch in hand, switching between the two as you cross over redstone and gold ore blocks. Top times are kept on the signs by each entrance.

Spleef – A few different sized arenas are available

Boat Battles – Ride around in a boat and shoot at each other

Bounce PVP – Bounce around between pads that float over the void, shooting each other with knock back bows

Wither Arena – Fight against withers, solo or in groups