Global list of what is not allowed

In addition to the basic server rules, these are additional things that are not allowed on the servers:

No repeating redstone – Minecarts that continually move are the ONLY type of repeating redstone allowed. Any other redstone machines that do not require player intervention to turn off and on are not allowed.

Do not by any means build in plots that do not belong to you – if a plot is not yours do not build in it. Do not use pistons to push blocks into a plot that isn’t yours, do not use lava and water to pour cobblestone into plots that are not yours. Do not use any other method that might come up to place blocks into a plot that is not yours.

AFK machines are not allowed – Unless you are physically at your computer moving your player around with your own hands and fingers I don’t want your character on here. Methods that allow you to be away from your computer but not trigger the auto-kick plugin are not allowed.

Do not circumvent the chat filter – Do not type words in a way that will get around the chat filter. Your agreement on what is filter in chat is not required, merely your cooperation in respecting it.

Be careful when you change your username – If you change your username to something that mocks another player or goes against the rules of this server you will be removed from the whitelist permanently.

Mob farming is not allowed – Huge rooms that cause mobs to funnel to one spot are not allowed. There are plenty of mobs in the wilderness and mob pit. Give those little guys a fighting chance!

No more than 20 animals per chunk – If more than 20 animals are found in a chunk the extras will die randomly with no drops.

Give breathing room on creative – Best practice is to not build within view distance of someone else.

Personal info and outside contact with other players

1. You may give out personal information about YOURSELF, but check with your parents before you do so.
2. No one is allowed to give out personal information of any kind about another player.
3. No one is allowed to ask another player for personal information other than their age and gender.
4. No one is required to give out any personal information of any kind to anyone.