Mcmmo Parties

Any player can create a party for free. If you are already a member of a party you can not create one until you leave or disband the party you are in.

/party create/disband/invite/kick/join/leave/info/chat playername/option

/party create TheAwesomeBunch – creates a party called TheAwesomeBunch – spaces will not work in party names

/party disband – deletes the party and all members are no longer in a party

/party invite argus_filch – sends an invitation to the player. they must be online. they will have 10 seconds to type /party join. only the party leader can send invites

/party kick argus_filch – kicks player from your party

/party join – accepts an invitation to a party

/party leave – leaves the party you are in

/party info – displays the name, leader, and members of the party you are in

/party chat on/off – turns on or off party chat – if turned on only members of your party will see your chat – this setting is per player not party wide – if a member does not have party chat on they will still see the chat from their party but their reply will be seen by everyone online

/say message – broadcasts a message to the entire server even if you have party chat turned on

PVP is disabled on survival between party members. Games server should unaffected.

Here are the parties and their members, in no particular order: