Server crash

September 3rd, 2014 by root

The hard drive on the server died sometime last evening.  Unfortunately it was before the midnight backup.  I am going to try to get data off the old drive but most likely I am going to have to restore from the 9-2-14 12am backup.  This would mean everything from yesterday is gone.

Server should be back up later this morning.

August 2014 Reset

August 24th, 2014 by root

Both Creative and Survival servers have reset.  Here is a run down of the changes:



It’s been over six months since the last reset.  I know 1.8 is coming, but at the moment it is potentially 3-5 months away.  Once it arrives we have to wait for Bukkit to update, then plugins to update, then for me to implement the plugins.  We could be into next year before that happens. All that aside, the server has become stale again and it’s time for another fresh start.  There are a few changes.  All for the best in my opinion, but I realize not everyone will agree.

1.  Stats, vaults, inventories, chests, and economy have all been reset.
2.  Mcmmo pvp abilities have been removed.  The stats are still there, but you can’t right-click to activate the abilities. This is just pvp abilities.  Non-pvp abilities still work.
3.  Jobs plugin still exists but no income is gained.  Everyone is a member of every job and no one has the ability to leave them.
4.  Currently the only way to make money is via the block shop at spawn.  More info on this below.
5.  PVP is enabled at spawn Mon-Sat.  Sundays it will be disabled.  It will not be disabled server-wide, just at spawn.  This gives players that can not handle any PVP at all a chance to visit spawn to do their business.

Just like the last reset no one will die of starvation for their first 5 hours of play time. Your hunger bar will go down, but every minute it will be replenished. This will give you plenty of time to forage for food.

Block shop

Right now the shop only buys and sells emeralds, diamonds, gold ingots, and iron ingots.  The shop will also only sell what has been sold to it.  So at the start no one can purchase anything because nothing has been sold to it.  Once someone sells an emerald, that one emerald will be available for purchase. And the same with other items sold to the shop.

As the game progresses I will add more chests to the shop.  But no matter what the shop will never add unmined items to the server.  It will only sell what other players have sold to it, or what I myself have mined in survival mode.

Player shops

There are two types of shops now.  Regular shops and booths.

Booths will be available for purchase by anyone with an mcmmo level of 200 500 10,000,000 or higher.  These will be small pre-built areas at spawn that will hold a handful or so of chests.  One booth per player.  Once you reach that level you will be able to purchase a booth the next day after the nightly scripts run, or if I’m around I can enable it manually.

Shops will be available for purchase by anyone with an mcmmo level of 500 750 10 trillion or more AND a personal plot that they’ve already purchased.  These regular shops will work nearly the same as before.  A 16x16x256 area to build however you like.  Players can purchase as many shops as they want.

Neither type of shop will be free to purchase, prices are not decided yet.

Player plots

Plots will be available for purchase for $300k.  They will be 16x16x256.  Not sure if anyone has noticed but by default the admin (myself) is the owner of each plot.  When you use the /plot buy command you become the tenant of the plot.  For $50k the tenant can give another player access to the plot as a guest.  This will be full access, no restrictions to everything on the plot.  Guests can be kicked from the plot, but no refunds.  The $50k is paid by the tenant, not the person that wants to be a guest.

Prizes for stats and accomplishments

Prizes will be awarded to players that reach certain levels in mcmmo and jobs. Prizes will also be awarded for players that accomplish certain things on the server, like placing a beacon.  I say placing instead of crafting because with the Fastcraft plugin I have no way of detecting what is crafted.  But I can still log what is placed.

While nothing is really set in place for these things, I will say that the first person to place a beacon will get $50k


Players get two homes to start with.  Additional homes can be purchased for $500k each.  The command to purchase an additional home is:

/home buy

Waypoints (called markers on the old server)

Players can set up to 20 waypoints.  A new addition to the old command is that now you can request to set a waypoint to another players location.  They will receive the request and if they accept it a waypoint will be set to that players current location.  Both players must be online for this to work.

/waypoint set nameofwaypoint nameofplayer

So for example this command here would send a request to elijah asking if i can set a waypoint to his current location:

/waypoint set secretbasefarfaraway elijahdeebee

When they receive the request they can accept it or deny it or ignore it.  The request expires after 15 seconds.

If elijah was to accept the request, it would be added to my list of waypoints.

/waypoint accept

I could then set my compass to that waypoint with this command:

/waypoint secretbasefarfaraway


There is an area on the server that is 10 plots wide and 6 plots deep called Utopia.  This is a pvp-free area for players that wish to build without fear of being attacked by other players.  Chests are not protected and raiding is still allowed.  I repeat, RAIDING IS ALLOWED in Utopia.  There is no warp to Utopia.  However you may use this command to make a compass point there:

/waypoint public Utopia

Both a pvp arena and mob pit are on their way.  I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to get this going, and this weekend was the goal I set for myself.  The pvp arena will be a place where you can only teleport into with no inventory, you’ll be given iron armor and weapons, and any enchantments/potion effects will be removed.



This version of the creative server will work a little differently.  There are 3 areas of the server.  A protected build area, a free open build area, and a small area that is off limits.

The creative server can be accessed from the survival server via this command:


The 3 areas are divided into the West side of the map, a small strip in the middle, and the East side of the map:

Protected Build Area

As you can see from the picture, everything West of X:-64 is a protected build area.  In order to build there you have to “buy” plots:

/plot buy

Plots cost $1 each, and you start with a balance of $10.  You earn $1 for every two hours you play on creative.  This should give serious creative players plenty of protected plots to build anything as large as they like.

You can add guests to your plots so that they can also build there.  Use this command to add a guest to the plot you are standing in:

/plot guest add playername

Remove a guest from the plot you are standing in with this command:

/plot guest remove playername

Currently player plots must be 64 blocks from the nearest neighboring plot.  In this way I hope to prevent any overcrowding issues.  I am working on a way for two or more players to put plots right next to each other when they want to.  For now I can assign them manually if anyone wishes.

Free Build Area

Everything East of X:64 is a free build area.  No restrictions on how large to build or how close to build, but I do still ask that you give others plenty of breathing room.  For example; if someone has built a volcano don’t build a house right on top of it.  Build the house somewhere else.

Griefing is also still not allowed anywhere on creative.

Off-Limits Area

The area between X:-64 and X:64 is off limits to players.  Just a little 128 block division between the two areas.

Builds from the old creative server

So far I have moved nothing over from the old creative server, but never fear I will start moving items very soon.

To find the coordinates of your old builds, view this map here:

Send me the x and z coordinates of your build and I will move it over as soon as possible.  Let me know if you’d like it in the protected area or the free build area.


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