Skyblock is accessible via the command /skyblock. If you do not have an island assigned to you yet this command will teleport you to the Skyblock Hub. If you have an island it will teleport you to your last location in Skyblock.

You can use the /tp command to teleport to other players.

Other players do not have build rights in your area by default. But you can add them as guests at no charge.

Here is a basic rundown of the commands available in Skyblock:

/skyblock island – warp to your island
/skyblock hub – warp to the skyblock hub
/skyblock guest add/remove playername – add/remove build rights for a player to your area, no cost
/skyblock guest of – list areas you are a guest of
/skyblock guest list – list guests of your area
/skyblock buildrights – check if you have buildrights in the area you are standing in

You earn $1 for each minute that you spend in Skyblock. A shop is available at the hub to purchase special blocks.

What’s the trick to getting started in Skyblock?  Mainly the cobblestone generator.  Here’s how:

1. Dig a trench 4 blocks wide and 2 blocks deep.  Be sure to go get those dirt blocks, they’re precious.

2. Put the ice on one side then the lava on the other.

3. After a while the ice will melt.

4. Under the water on the bottom are 2 cobblestone blocks. Get those before you break the top cobblestone.

5. From this point start mining, expanding, planting, and chopping!

A bedrock-encased cobblestone generator is already in place at each location. This will hopefully help ensure that no one accidentally loses their ability to make cobblestone.