Survival Server

This server is a survival server with a few plugins to hopefully make the game a bit more fun. I (dreniarb) will be on the server as often as I can, but I will never engage in PVP so you don’t have to freak out or wonder if I’m going to try to attack you. For the most part you can ignore me. I’m just there as judge/jury/and executioner.

The survival server is the default server that players log in to.  If you are on creative you can get back to survival with this command:



1. Be nice in chat. No bad language or mean talk. Cuss words=instant ban once caught. No disguising cuss words with symbols. No mean or nasty talk. No potty talk/humor. If you wouldn’t be comfortable saying it to your grandmother, don’t say it in chat.

2. No client mods/cheats that are not on the allowed list. Optifine type mods that enhance the video of the game are ok. But you’re on your honor to not use any client mods that give you an unfair advantage over others. We want to have a nice level playing field for everyone. Texture packs that allow you to see underground are not allowed. Client mods that give you radar where you can see where players, mobs, caves, hidden rooms, or certain blocks are located are not allowed. Please see this page for a list of allowed client mods.

3. PVP is allowed, and there is no limit on when it can occur. After respawning you have 30 seconds to warp somewhere, that’s plenty of time to get to safety and there are plenty of places to warp to.

4. Raiding is allowed. You can’t get upset if one day you find your chests that were full of diamonds are empty. Hide them well.

5. Griefing is NOT allowed. Griefing is demolishing something someone else built. Breaking some blocks to get inside is one thing, but tearing something down to the point it’s not worth the time to rebuild is unnecessary.

6. No mob/villager farming or repeating redstone machines. These things cause lag and unnecessary CPU spikes. I know the zombie horde AI can be crazy, but do not exploit it so that you have 200 mobs funneled to one location.

7. Report bugs in the game or plugins. Do not exploit them to gain unfair advantage. For example, if you discover you can break the blocks on the vaults at spawn and for that half a second that it disappears you can then right click the chest inside, report that to me, do not use it to gain access to everyones chests.

8. Do not discuss or whisper about other servers in chat, even your own personal server.

9. Keep your survival server squabbles on the survival server. Don’t follow someone to creative and badger them there. Creative is a refuge from survival.

10. No one is allowed to use dreniarb’s skin on this server.  This one:

Anyone using this skin will be banned outright. I know no one can own a skin, and I know I can not prevent anyone from downloading it and using it on another server. I also know I can’t stop you from using it on this server, but I reserve the right to ban anyone that does use it on this server.

Survival Server Features

The main feature of survival is the Mcmmo plugin.  There are a ton of stats and abilities that it adds to the game, too many to name here.  Your two most used commands will probably be these:



Player run shops are available after a certain level is reached in Mcmmo;

A small booth is available at level 200.  These are small pre-built areas at spawn that will hold a handful or so of chests.  One booth per player.  Once you reach that level you will be able to purchase a booth the next day after the nightly scripts run, or if I’m around I can enable it manually.

Full shop plots will be available for purchase by anyone with an Mcmmo level of 500 750 10 trillion or more AND a personal plot that they’ve already purchased.  These regular shops will work nearly the same as before.  A 16x16x256 area to build however you like.  Players can purchase as many shops as they want.

Neither type of shop will be free to purchase, prices are not decided yet.

Protected plots are available for purchase for $100k (plots around the spawn castle are $25k, one plot per player).  They are 16x16x256 in size.  Each additional plot is an extra $25k to the previous amount.  When you use the /plot buy command on a plot that is up for sale you become the tenant of the plot.  For $50k you as the tenant can give another player access to the plot as a guest.  /plot guest add playername. This will be full access, no restrictions to everything on the plot.  Guests can be kicked from the plot, but no refunds.  The $50k is paid by the tenant, not the person that wants to be a guest.

Players get two homes to start with.  Additional homes can be purchased for $500k each.  The command to purchase an additional home is:

/home buy

Players can set up to 20 compass waypoints.  A new addition to the old command is that now you can request to set a waypoint to another players location.  They will receive the request and if they accept it a waypoint will be set to that players current location.  Both players must be online for this to work.

Both a pvp arena and mob pit are on their way.  The pvp arena will be a place where you can only teleport into with no inventory, you’ll be given iron armor and weapons, and any enchantments/potion effects will be removed.