Trade Zone

For players that wish to trade in a pvp-free area they can meet in the Trade Zone. The Trade Zone is only accessible via the warp command:

/warp tz
/warp tradezone

Inside the Trade Zone you will find an ender chest, crafting table, and two chests that are freely accessible to anyone. PVP is disabled in this chunk. If anyone attempts to ambush someone in this chunk and somehow finds a way around the protections on it and is able to damage or kill a player you will be banned from this server. If the urge to cause trouble is too great for you to resist just stay out of the Trade Zone.

The Trade Zone also has protected chests that players may claim for 24 hours. After 24 hours the chest will reset and the contents lost forever. The chests are locked with a random combination number which is required for another player to access the chest or view it’s inventory. Any number of items may be placed inside these chests and just about any price can be placed on the chests for another player to purchase. The proper combination number is required for a player to purchase the chest. Once purchased the chest belongs to the purchaser and they have 15 minutes to empty the chest before it resets and the contents are lost forever.

To claim a chest right click the sign above it. You may claim a maximum of 3 chests at a time. There is no charge to claim a chest.

Basic commands inside the Trade Zone:

/tz price – sets a price on your chest
/tz combo – locks in a combination number that you wish to try on a chest
/tz buy – purchase the specific chest assuming you have the correct combo locked in and have enough money

After claiming a chest, place your items in the chest.

Sneak and right click the chest to get a list of it’s contents. This will be the same list that another play sees when doing the same thing. This allows the player to verify the contents before purchasing them. If any item is not listed correctly please report the item to me via PM on the forum.

Let’s run through a little scenario that two players might do:

Here is player1 and player2.

Player1 has some stuff to sell to player2. Player2 doesn’t quite trust player1 so they decide to use the Trade Zone to do business in. Player1 right clicks a sign to claim the chest below it.

The chest is given an ID number and a combination number. Before giving player2 the combination number player1 sets a price on the chest of $999.

Player1 places items in the chest and passes the combination number of 2873 to player2. Player2 then locks in that combo number.

Since player2 has not yet purchased this chest he can not open it. Before purchasing he sneaks and right clicks the chest to verify the contents.

Satisfied that the right items are in the chest he buys the chest.

The chest now belongs to him and he has 15 minutes before it expires.

Once a chest is purchased it can not be resold or bought by anyone else.